The Shepherd:

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I'm a creative and passionate shepherd. WIth my flock, I steward land to build soil and landscape diversity.  I work to ensure that my sheep are comfortable, nourished and relaxed.  And I'm excited to serve a community of conscientious consumers and landowners.

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The Flock:

I'm fortunate to work with some truly remarkable sheep; bred to thrive outdoors, and lamb on pasture without intervention.  They're supported by attentive livestock guardian dogs.  Learn how this mob supports my ecological production goals.

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I manage my sheep to regenerate land, build soil life and water-holding capacity, sequester carbon, and increase landscape biodiversity.  This is Regenerative Shepherding.  I manage my flock to achieve the highest standards of animal welfare.  And I'm happy to share all the details.  I'm committed to complete transparency in my production system.

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